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СЕО, Founder Denis Gulagin


Where did I work and what did I do:

Previous project - neobroker ORCA Investment App (UK)

9 years of experience in Fintech. 8+ years entrepreneurial experience.

(neobanks Amaiz UK, SwipeBank UA, mobile payments AllSet/Settle, payment systems PayU, Platon).

Thanks to 9 years of work in the industry (the last 7 years in C-level positions or as a founder of projects), I gained a direct experience in starting financial products from scratch, both in the EU and the UK markets.

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CMO, Co-Founder Irina Kupchenko


Previous project - neobroker ORCA Investment App (UK)

12+ years entrepreneurial experience.

Where did I work: Co-founder Lifehack academy Co-founder m-art.agency

Passionate about building a better future powered by new financial technologies.

I develop a meaningful and value-oriented approach to marketing and advertising. For more than 12 years in the industry, I’ve managed to work as an independent marketing and PR consultant, as well as a CMO, and as a result, I’ve opened my own outsourced marketing agency. And now become a co-founder of Bakksy.

In Bakksy, we look for new and better channels of communication with our users. We build a marketing mix taking into account constant experiments in order to expand the boundaries of communication and make the audience talk about us. And love us🫶🏻

Growth hack mindset and brave Ukrainian soul let me dream big and do the best.


COO Eugene Makarenko


Previous project - Private Entrepreneur and Founder of Zentravel

Where did I work: Amaiz UK / CIO, SwipeBank UA / COO, Travel-Life.PRO / Co-founder and CEO, RCCL UA / Head of FIT Dep

4 years experience in Fintech 9+ years entrepreneurial experience

In Amaiz UK and SwipeBank I got experience in launching a fintech project for the UK market from the scratch. Beginning from deep market research, learning about customer behaviour, local bank techs and ending by building relationships between different business providers (in marketing, legal and banking segments), integrating and linking all of those into the internal business processes of the project.

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Head of investment experience Vasyl Matiy

10 years of experience in banking, investment and asset management. Portfolio manager of multi-family office, UHNWI consultant, financial wellbeing corporate trainer for biggest Ukrainian digital companies, public speaker and columnist.

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Lead Backend Developer Savchenko Illia

Previous company - Business Logic (Kernel RD)

7 years experience in Software Development

Where did I work:

Has experience in developing different backend services from scratch - from serverless ETL flows to clean and update hundreds thousands rows of data per minute to analysis platforms with tens of thousands input parameters.

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Head of Legal Mykyta Grechyna


Previous company — SBSB Fintech Lawyers

7+ years of experience in law and fintech

Legal counsel with over 7 years of experience in international corporate and fintech law. With a wealth of knowledge in the financial industry obtained during the course of the work both in legal consulting industry and as an in-house lawyer, I’ve obtained over 10 financial licenses for different projects, allowing them to navigate the complex and ever-changing regulations within the fintech space. Known for providing strategic and effective legal solutions, I’m aimed to expand Bakksy’s operations globally while being compliant with relevant laws and regulations, as it is crucial for long-term success of the company.

In addition to continuous learning and professional development, I’ve successfully completed the most recent Financial Regulation course from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This highly-regarded program that provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in financial regulation and its impact on the industry.

I’ve a strong commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in the field of fintech law.